Selling in an Anxious World

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"Selling in an Anxious World is a masterpiece of groundbreaking research and recommendations. To any professional who aspires to greatness, this is a must-read!"

- Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow


Selling in an Anxious World

Holden International

Selling in an Anxious World

by Jim Holden (paperback)

Today, the organizational culture within companies has become inward focused. The emergence of the gig economy of outsourcing and contracting has depersonalized the workforce. Combined with the shift to an inorganic growth strategy, centered on mergers and acquisitions and scaling business, has become a detriment to being a customer centric company—causing new and higher levels of risk and anxiety for buyers. 

Selling in an Anxious World identifies the real problem by defining the three types of company culture. It enables readers to assess their culture, and learn how to change it to drive personal and professional success.

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About the book

B2B sales has become a one way street that has driven customer experience (CX) into the ground with sellers taking the fall for it.

Success for sellers is not getting caught in the trap of either complying with culture norms or doing what’s right for the customer. For when these theories are at odds, the seller loses, careers get damaged, and sales effectiveness declines. That’s anxiety for everyone—corporate leadership, sellers, and customers.

Patrick Nicolet, Group CTO, Capgemini

“While the focus this time is on softer skills, Jim retains his standard mathematical precision. Make no mistake, he has applied the same intellectual rigor to analyzing this less tangible aspect of sales… The timing of Jim’s assessment of the sales process is apposite. The nature of workplaces is changing, perhaps irrevocably.”

Melinda Watson, former Regional VP & Head of NA Global Sales Operations, SAP

“Selling in an Anxious World is the evolution of Holden’s bestselling books with perfect timing for sellers, sales managers, and company executives working in this ever-changing world and economy. As a Sales Leader, I know firsthand the impact that Power Base Selling, The New Power Base Selling, and The Selling Fox had on my teams, and I will be delighted to include this new book in our best practice tool-kit."

Jan Erik Norli, CMO, Telenor Maritime

“This book, in its direct and simplistic approach, not only roars a warning about how unnoticed and quietly you, as a salesperson, may drift into an inward-company focus, like the boiling frog, but also provides measures to pave the way out of potential misery. It’s a must read for all top management and sales directors, to warn of the clear and present danger of a Looking Glass Culture, if not decisively counteracted.”

Tom Hoppenbrouwer, Projects & Operations Lead, Group Sales, Capgemini

“Holden provides actionable guidance to executives, sales managers, and sellers on how to create awareness and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers and between internal, culture-centric and external, client-centric focus in this rapidly changing world. He challenges readers to think about how to be part of a culture without being controlled by the culture, using the right mix of sensitivity, respect, conviction, and boldness.”

Praise from Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA

Jim's book breaks new ground on reshaping culture in industry, colleges, and our Nation. It's an inspiration to anyone selling in today's world.

If we view academic culture as a living, breathing organism and conceptually drop it into a company today that has built and supports a Client-Centric Culture, which is also considered a living entity, the one will destroy the other.

Turning Point USA is an organization that is in a unique position to observe academic culture within our colleges today and relate it to the real world, particularly its impact on company culture. Heading up Turning Point and providing this perspective is Charlie Kirk, a young man who personifies biblical leadership with clarity of thought, vision, compassion, conviction, and courage. These traits also characterize the culture at Turning Point, a team dedicated to building future leaders for America.


Thoughts from the Author

It's been an exciting journey working on this book that brings an unconventional guide to solving an unconventional problem.

Culture can be abstract and difficult to see, yet have a real impact on business success. Making it visible, you'll see culture in many different forms, from scriptual reference, mountaineering, dealing with cancer, caring about people, and poetry.

All because you can't solve an unconventional problem with conventional thinking!


About Jim Holden, CEO, Holden International

Jim Holden founded Holden International in 1979, bringing science, engineering, and math to sales process, building a firm that is now a global leader in sales effectiveness. As a youth, he integrated physics with karate, studying under 8th degree Grand Master Kazumi Tabata. He has also applied this type of empirical thinking to cancer research, counter terrorism, mountaineering, and tackling the homeless problem in Chicago. More recently, this has manifested itself in building the first AI, CRM-integrated, and voice-driven system to predict sales wins with guidance to win more and enhance sales forecasting-all with the mission of helping people, companies, and our Nation.

His previous books include Power Base Selling, World Class Selling, The Selling Fox, and The New Power Base Selling published by Wiley.

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Selling in an Anxious World

Get Jim Holden's latest book on navigating sales, corporate culture, and trust building in today's gig economy environment

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